I can smile again…

and dance for me, not you

I can make it to the end of the day without a memory creeping in

or even a flirting pang of anger or remorse

just the day that I have today

and what will be tomorrow…


I saw you yesterday

standing on a street corner

and I laughed as I rolled by…

not caring who you were waiting for or where you were going

because it is not the same place as me.

I am moving forward

ahead and up… with passion and structure

while you wallow in your beastly addiction

afraid to be alone and terrified of your own thoughts


I made a new friend today

and smiled just because it felt so… normal

I am flying

far above the woes of the train wreck you left behind

long rusted on that old road I have not been on since

and not really caring to look for it


I am free

I am happy

I am me


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