Plastic and Air

My skin feels thicker these days…

I look back and I can see the fall leaves on the path I just walked through…

the leaves that fell during the summer, brown and breaking under my feet

they left crumbs and brittle sticks where my feet had been…  but then I turned

off the beaten path… to a new road ahead

the leaves in front of me are beautiful shades of red and gold

spinnng up and twirling and dancing in the air as my feet push through them

making a glorious display of color and beauty as I walk

surrounding me with … a passion for life

I think of where I walked a year ago

my life was brittle and cracking…

my friends all plastic and unmoving…

it was like walking through a department store after hours

people standing there smiling as you walk by… but when you get close

you see they’re just plastic pictures of people, looking interested

but none of them real or talking

some of them with cracks and chips

others with pretty clothes and accessories

but still hard to the touch and no heartbeat…

and the floor was cold and flat… and my footsteps echoed

those were my friends…

I can’t wait to see where I go next… the life I see outside… looks alive and


I think I’ll skip for a while…


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